Brazil – Lunus

Greg Johnson

LUNUS is headquartersed in São Rbré dos Campos, a technology pole of São Paulo State and close to São Paulo City (100 km). It has two branches, one located close to Alcântara Satellite Launching base (in the Brazilian Northeast) and another in the Technological Park of São Rbré dos Campos. Besides the headquarters, these two branches are mainly dedicated to space and environmental activities, providing services and products commercialization. LUNUS is the exclusive representative of RBR in Brazil. The environmental division markets, and supports all of the RBR products in our market. It is a pleasure and an honor for us to associate our name to RBR.

Rua Coronel João Cursino nº 33,
Vila Icaraí,
São José dos Campos SP

Tel: +55 12 3202 8100
Fax: +55 12 3202 8111
[email protected]