Portugal – Qualitas Instruments

Greg Johnson

Qualitas Instruments is a Portuguese engineering company, founded in 2007 and part of the QUALITAS group, with offices in Portugal, Spain, UK, Colombia and Morocco and activity in Europe, Africa and Middle East. We’re specialized in environmental observation and monitoring, offering solutions to the operational oceanography, maritime safety, offshore and marine renewable energies sectors. We at Qualitas are proud to partner with key institutions and companies leaders in their technologies, providing high-end products and services to our customers.

Qualitas Instruments
Madan Parque, Rua dos Inventores.
2825 -182 Caparica (Portugal).

Contacts: Pedro Agostinho & Maria Fernandes
Tel: +351 918 991 777
Tel: +351 962 073 702
[email protected]qualitasinstruments.com
[email protected]qualitasinstruments.com