RBRsolo3 PAR

RBRsolo³ PAR | Photosynthetically Active Radiation

The RBRsolo³ PAR is a small single-channel instrument with a high-performance PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) sensor. Measurements are uniformly sensitive across the target band and cosine-corrected. Low power consumption, large memory, and the ability to endure harsh conditions make the RBRsolo³ PAR a perfect instrument for many oceanographic and limnology applications.

  • Suitable for long deployments
  • Any AA battery
  • USB-C download
  • Uniform sensitivity between 400nm and 700nm
  • Cabled RBRcoda³ variant available
The RBRsolo³ PAR compact instruments provide uniform measurements of light radiation from all angles in the half-space in front of the sensor. Large storage capacity and reliable battery power facilitate long deployments with higher sampling rates. Downloads are quick with USB-C. A dedicated desiccant holder makes it simple to replace desiccant before each deployment. The calibration coefficients are stored with the instrument, and only one software tool, Ruskin, is required to operate it. Datasets can be read directly in Matlab, or exported to Excel, OceanDataView®, or text files.
Name Configuration
|deep explore up to 2000m deep with the RBRsolo³ PAR|deep