RBRconcerto D.alt.att

The RBRconcerto D.alt.att is a unique data logger dedicated to total water depth. Equipped with a 3-axis tilt sensor, altimeter, and compass, the logger provides fast, accurate data. The instrument also includes a depth channel capable of both continuous and intermittent bursts. The RBRconcertoD.alt.att is available in a configuration that supports wave measurements up to 12Hz.

  • Up to 12Hz sampling
  • Up to 120 million readings
  • USB 2.0 download
  • Realtime communication options
  • Optional Wi-Fi and twist activation
  • Rugged and compact for extended deployments
RBRconcerto D.alt.att pressure, 3-axis tilt, altimeter
RBRconcerto D.alt.att |wave adds 12Hz continuous sampling
Power 8 or 16 CR123A 3V cells
Communication USB 2.0 or RS-232/485
Storage ~30M readings standard; up to ~120M readings
Clock accuracy ±60 seconds/year
Depth rating 740m
Size 346mm x ∅63.3mm (concerto)
250mm x ∅25.4mm (solo)
Weight ~1.4kg in air, 250g in water
Sampling period 1s to 24h
|wave option 1-6Hz, 12Hz
Housing Plastic
Range 0.5 to 10m
Initial accuracy ±0.01m depending on estimate of average speed of sound
Frequency 200 kHz
Beamwidth ~15°
Tilt 3-axis
Accuracy ±0.1°
Pressure (Depth)
Range 20 (dbar)
Initial accuracy ±0.05% full scale (1cm)
Resolution <0.001% full scale or 0.001 dbar w.i.g.
Typical Stability 0.1% full scale per year
Time constant <0.01s