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RBR develops and markets submersible data loggers, recorders, sondes, controllers and sensors for water quality measurement. Our standard data logging instruments range from one to 24 channels, configured as a CTD, conductivity, temperature, depth (pressure) or multi-parameter (sensor) recorders. Specialty loggers are available with specific sensors for harsh environments or unique applications like measuring tides and waves . All of the data loggers share a common core and operating software. We offer accurate temperature, depth, and conductivity sensors as well as a multitude of specialized sensors for oceanographic, freshwater, cryospheric, estuarine and coastal monitoring.

Examples of our sensors include: conductivity, pressure, temperature, pH, ORP (RedOx), fluorescence, PAR, turbidity (OBS, TSS), and dissolved oxygen.

Deployed on every continent, and supported by a global network of agents and resellers, these instruments will deliver high quality data regardless of the deployment conditions.


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Ocean Business 2015
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