FjordPhyto: Citizen science in the Antarctic

Researchers and citizen scientists on a zodiac in the Antarctic

Air and ocean temperatures have notably increased in the Antarctic since the 1950s, with publications finding that it is the third fastest warming region on Earth and that 87% of its glaciers are in retreat. Its nearshore, fjord-dominated areas are particularly sensitive to this glacial retreat, the effects of which can be detected throughout this crucial ecosystem where local megafauna … Read More

Celebrate with RBR at Ocean Business 2023

RBR is celebrating its 50th anniversary at Ocean Business 2023 in Southampton and you’re invited! Join us at stand D11 from Tuesday, April 18 to Thursday, April 20 to learn about new RBR instruments and sensors, register for our instrumentation training session, and enter to win a special edition RBR standup paddle board. We’re looking forward to seeing you there. … Read More

RBR celebrates 50 years of driving change

RBR 50th Anniversary celebration

RBR is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary of providing oceanographic sensors, instruments, and measurement systems to researchers around the world. Founded in 1973, RBR has grown from a small Canadian engineering contractor to become one of the most innovative instrumentation companies in global oceanography. Richard Brancker Research, as RBR started, was founded in a basement. Taking over the entire home, … Read More

A proven standard in CTD sensor technology: RBR’s inductive conductivity cell

Underwater photo deployment of RBR CTD in a cage

There are many tools to measure the physical properties of the ocean, yet few are as universal as the CTD. RBR’s inductive conductivity cell has taken its place at the forefront of high-accuracy CTD sensor technology as a proven standard that is robust, reliable, and uses a fraction of the power required for pumped CTDs. Conductivity, temperature, and pressure (depth) … Read More

RBR and Ocean Networks Canada collaboration extends long-term seismic monitoring capabilities

Location of ONC remote sensing system

In 2021, RBR and Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) collaboratively designed and deployed a suite of instruments tailored to long-term and remote seismic research. This system is serviceable by remotely operated vehicle (ROV) while deployed, addresses instrument drift internally, can be deployed individually or integrated into a cabled array, and is entirely monitored by a portable data controller and power hub. … Read More