Oceanographic sensors from RBR

RBR realtime sensors: the end is just the beginning.

RBR sensors lead the industry in accuracy, stability, and power consumption - even in the harshest conditions.

Their industry-leading low power consumption allows for long deployments at depths up to 6000m, making them the perfect choice for many oceanographic and limnology applications, such as borehole monitoring, remotely operated underwater vehicles, stream gauging, and harbour water levels.

Realtime sensors


  • Standard sampling up to 2Hz
  • MCBH-6-MP on all units
  • Logger variants available
  • Depths up to 1000m, or up to 6000m
  • Low power and wide voltage input range

Dissolved oxygen, pressure, temperature, PAR, fluorescence, backscatter, irradiance


Shallow and deep housings

Sensor models