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We would love to help you avoid the hassle of shipping your instrument back to us if we can!

If you cannot find the answer you need in our Frequently Asked Questions, then don't hesitate to contact us. Our service team is happy to work collaboratively with you to find a solution to whatever problem you might be experiencing.

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Schedule a calibration.

With the time and money you invest in every deployment, you need to be sure your instruments are as accurate as possible. We've made annual calibration faster and easier than ever before, so you can be sure you're collecting the best data. Please click here to schedule a calibration and take advantage of RBR's Three or Free calibration guarantee.

Contact support / obtain an RMA.

In need of assistance? Please fill out the form below to reach our support team.

Before returning an instrument to us, you must obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) code.

Once you have submitted the form below, your unique code will be emailed to you. This email will also include instructions for shipping your instrument back to us.

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    Understand your warranty.

    Our warranty boils down to this: we cover everything except your mistakes. Don’t drop the instrument onto a steel deck (this is an ‘accident’). Don’t use a CTD as a shovel to dig a hole (this is ‘mis-use’). Don’t try to fix things yourself (this is ‘over-enthusiasm’). We’ll fix anything else for free.

    The standard warranty has a duration of twelve months. Additional twelve and twenty-four-month extensions are available at the time of purchase. Within the warranty period, we will cover everything, including third-party equipment that you purchase from us. You cover the shipping back to us and that’s it!

    Send us an email to to request an RMA number before shipping the instrumentation back to us.

    The full warranty statement can be found at

    Learn about
    standard repair costs.

    Our minimum repair charge is $150 CAD. This charge includes:

    • Comprehensive initial inspection
    • Verification of calibration status
    • Sensor functionality testing

    Minor repairs are also covered by this basic fee. If further repair work or re-calibration is necessary, you will be issued a service quote.

    Once you have given your authorization to proceed, we will complete the repair and return the instrument as soon as possible.

    Any units returned with low (or no) batteries will have new batteries installed, and the costs will be added to the repair invoice.