Introducing the RBR Three or Free calibration guarantee

Three or Free calibration guarantee

With the time and money you invest in every deployment, you need to make sure your instruments are in top shape and producing accurate data. Regular calibration of your instruments is a key to great data. That said, we understand that planning for calibration can be tough, especially if you are under tight timelines. You want to be sure you get your instruments back in time for deployment. That’s why RBR has introduced our Three or Free calibration guarantee for standard calibrations. Now you can have the benefits of regular calibration with quicker, more predictable service turn-around of three weeks or less.

Here’s how the Three or Free guarantee works

We guarantee we’ll complete your instrument calibration within three weeks or the calibration is free. It’s that simple – three weeks – from the time it arrives through our door, until we finish the work, pack it up, and get it on its way back to you.  We even guarantee turnaround on multiple instruments, up to a total of 15 channels of calibration. That means you could send us 15 RBRsolo loggers, 7 RBRduet loggers, 5 RBRconcerto or RBRbrevio CTDs; you get the idea.

The Three or Free guarantee applies to all standard instruments. We cannot guarantee turn-around on OEM instruments, third-party sensors, deep instruments (pressure rating greater than 2000dbar), instruments mounted in cages, or thermistor strings. We’ll always do our best of course, but these complex instruments require a little more time.

It’s easy to take advantage of the new Three or Free guarantee. To start, simply contact us with your instrument details and we’ll send you a quote for calibration. When you get in touch, be sure to let us know if you are experiencing any issues with your instruments. We can’t guarantee turn-around on service and repair work, since every situation is a little different. However, by letting us know of any issues early we can collect the information we need to get the repair done as quickly as possible.

Once you approve the calibration quote, we’ll issue an RMA (Return Material Authorization) that will help us track your instrument through the process. One last thing, please be sure to clean your instruments before you pack and ship them to us. Not only does cleaning help you identify mechanical issues or damage that could require a repair, but it’s also a requirement to qualify for the Three or Free guarantee.

Want to learn more?

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