Resolving spatial and temporal variations in estuarine gas flux

Variations in estuarine gas flux model

Estuaries are thought to be major players in the global carbon budget, acting as significant sources of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. However, the uncertainties on existing measurements are high. A recent study led by Dr. Malcolm Scully, a researcher at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), aims to improve our understanding of global fluxes of CO2 from estuaries by examining how … Read More

Who is RBR Support, and how can they help you?

RBR Support Team

RBR is at the service of our customers – and their success is our overriding goal. Our remarkable support team is an integral part of achieving this goal. But who are the people behind the emails, phone calls, and video chats? We sat down with the team to find out what they’re passionate about, and to discuss how they can help … Read More

Constraining the dynamics of the Gulf of Urabá estuary and inspiring the next generation of Colombian scientists

underwater CTD with pH and chl a sensors

Colombia’s Gulf of Urabá has historically been at the centre of many unanswered questions. The semi-enclosed tropical estuary is located in the southwestern Colombian Caribbean and is the largest estuarine system in the country. Despite its size, until recently it was one of the least studied ecosystems in Colombia. This changed in 2018, when scientists from the University of Antioquia, … Read More

Meet our newest sales team members!

New RBR Sales Team Members

We’re thrilled to welcome Max Vergara Jara, Susie Crowe, and Cory Brooks to the RBR sales team. After some shuffles within the team, with Candace Smith moving to RBR’s marketing team and Qi Wang joining our research scientists, we are back on the ground in some key markets and ready to serve our customers. Meet our three newest members below. Cory … Read More

RBR ranks on The Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s Top Growing Companies – again!

Canada's Top Growing Companies

We’re excited to announce that RBR has been recognized as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies by The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business magazine for the fourth consecutive year. Launched in 2019, the ranking celebrates bold entrepreneurial achievements and innovative businesses in Canada. “We’re proud to be recognized for the fourth straight year,” says Greg Johnson, RBR president. “We’ve experienced … Read More

Characterizing coastline changes and coastal hazards in the Canadian Arctic community of Grise Fiord.

RBRvirtuoso3 logger in artic

Grise Fiord, located on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, is the northernmost community in Canada’s Arctic and home to approximately 130 people. Over the last 20 years, community members have noticed significant changes to their coastline and increasing numbers of storm impacts. To better understand these changes and how they may need to adapt, they are collaborating with Dr. David Didier, … Read More