New Free Toolbox Makes OEM Sensor Integration Easier


Your RBR instruments have become even easier to use. A new C toolbox developed specifically for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers, libRBR makes integrating your RBR CTD into your glider, AUV or float system quicker and simpler. The new library handles the intricacies of waking the instrument and response parsing, while maintaining access to all instrument functionality. The libRBR toolbox enables you to focus on your planform and your data.  

libRBR provides an interface for simplified communication with the RBRargo3 and RBRlegato3 CTDs. The library isolates the user from the low-level details of instrument communication by wrapping each instrument command in a function with fully typed arguments. It’s forward compatible and platform-agnostic.

Released in December, 2018, libRBR is open source on Bitbucket, and the team at RBR is looking forward to working with OEM customers to increase the library’s functionality for the benefit of all users.

So far libRBR is already helping ocean float and glider manufacturers improve the speed of integrating the RBRargo3 and RBRlegato3 CTDs on their platforms.

Download the libRBR toolbox for FREE. To get more information, click here.

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