Transit Cases

RBR provides transit cases for the loggers and recorders we make. The transit cases come in a number of different sizes to fit the single, dual, and multi-channel loggers RBRs manufactures. Please select the appropriate case for your needs from the table below.

We currently stock the following sizes:

ModelLxWxH (cm)Weight (kg)Typical ApplicationAirline Carry-On
210037 x 30 x 172.4Compact loggers (5)Y
238442 x 23 x 343.4Compact loggers (15)Y
31344 x 18 x 90.7Standard logger (1)Y
260056 x 22 x 425.0Standard loggers (3)N
270066 x 22 x 505.4Standard loggers (3-4)N
295078 x 31 x 5212.0RBRmaestro (1-2)N
297580 x 39 x 5314.0RBRmaestro (2-3) or cageN
387692 x 36 x 3215.0RBRfermataN
3877122 x 40 x 4021.0RBRcervelloN
332945 x 20 x 102.5Compact loggers (3)Y
1780116 x 64 x 4228.0RBRmaestro (1) with cageN
1770139 x 38 x 2025.0RBRconcerto ACC.BPR (3)N
238580 x 39 x 5335.0Compact loggers (120)N