RBR deep water instruments
RBRsolo³ |deep & RBRduet³ |deep

RBRsolo³ |deep & RBRduet³ |deep

Our most compact, lightweight, and versatile temperature logger for deepwater applications.

  • Standard sampling up to 2Hz, and optionally up to 32Hz
  • ~25M readings on a single AA battery
  • USB-C download
  • Cabled RBRcoda³ variant available
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The RBRsolo³ T|deep, RBRsolo³ D|deep, and RBRduet³ T.D deep in titanium are small but incredibly strong. Deployable to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, they still provide temperature accuracy of ±0.002°C and are capable of storing 25 million readings on a single battery. Flexible measurement schedules, standard sampling up to 2Hz, optionally up to 32Hz, and USB-C download complement the raw capabilities of this design. The RBRsolo³ T | deep, RBRsolo³ D| deep, and RBRduet³ T.D| deep are three of the most flexible recorders available from RBR and, like all RBR instruments, the calibration coefficients are stored with the logger. Dataset export to Matlab, Excel, OceanDataView®, or text files makes post processing with your own algorithms effortless.