RBRsolo | Single Channel Logger

Our most compact, lightweight, and versatile single channel logger.

  • Standard sampling up to 2Hz
  • Large data storage and fast USB download
  • Optional fast sampling, tide & wave, and real-time configurations

Available Sensors:
Temperature, Pressure, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, or PAR

Whether moored, towed, or profiling, the RBRsolo is easy to configure for your optimal sampling regime.

  • Small and streamlined for towing or profiling
  • Flexible measurement schedules
  • Large memory and extra power for extended deployments
  • Dataset export to MatlabTM, ExcelTM, or text files for easy post-processing
Name Configuration
|fast16 4, 8, or 16Hz sampling
|tide Up to 16Hz bursts with tidal averaging
|wave Up to 16Hz bursts with wave analysis
|rt Real-time sensor (no internal memory or power)


Power 3.6V LiSOCl2 AA cell
Communication Fast USB
Storage ~30M readings
Clock accuracy ±60 seconds/year
Depth rating 1700m OSP and over 10km titanium
Diameter 25.4mm
Length ~210 to 240mm
Weight (air) Varies per sensor
Weight (water) Varies per sensor


Range -5°C to 35°C
Initial accuracy ±0.002°C
Resolution <0.00005°C
Time constant ~1s (standard) or ~0.1s (optional)
Typical stability 0.002°C/year
Diameter 25.4mm
Length 240mm
Weight (air) 126g
Weight (water) 20g
Sample capacity ~25M samples

Pressure (Depth)

Range 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 500 / 1000/ 1700m (dbar)
Initial accuracy ±0.05% full scale
Resolution <0.001% full scale
Time constant <10ms
Typical Stability ~0.1%/year
Diameter 25.4mm
Sample capacity ~15M samples
Sample capacity
|fast16, |tide, or |wave
~30M samples

Dissolved Oxygen (Oxyguard®)

Range 0 to 600%
Initial accuracy ±2% O2 saturation (5°C to 25°C)
Resolution 1% of saturation
Response Time ~10s, 90% step change at 20°C
Diameter 25.4mm
Sample capacity ~15M samples

Turbidity (Seapoint)

Light source 880nm
Time Constant 0.1s
Linearity <2% deviation 0-750 FTU