OEM integration


  • Ultra-low power
  • WOCE accuracy
  • Dedicated OEM Technical Manager
  • Documented command references


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The RBR sensors and loggers offer world-class accuracy, low-power operation, and flexible system architecture. To achieve the tightest possible integration, the RBR instruments are available in OEM format, where the electronics and sensors may be mounted into your housings and vehicles. The OEM technical team at RBR is dedicated to developing responsive partnerships with our OEM customers to deliver integrated systems that will enable new measurement capabilities and discoveries. RBR products are delivered as individual components or fully waterproof instruments for a wide variety of subsea products, platforms, and vehicles. From the beginning, we designed our integration features so that they would be simple, flexible, and easy to use. The command language, for example, has no cryptic two letter commands or obscure binary interface, but a rich and consistent protocol. With the aid of our comprehensive Command Reference, individuals can quickly follow the examples to get a functioning oceanographic quality sensor with data logging capability. libRBR provides an interface for simplified communication with RBR instruments. Familiarity with the instrument command set is still required in order to know which commands to send, but the library isolates the user from the low-level details of instrument communication by managing all serial communication, including waking the instrument, command formatting, and response parsing. The user is only required to implement platform-specific functionality, such as input/output. For larger projects and partnerships, RBR takes pride in offering unprecedented engineer-to-engineer access. Each partner is assigned an exclusive issue tracker and our engineers respond (usually within minutes) with the additional insights, best practises, and deployment advice that your engineering team seeks. Contact us directly to inquire about how we can help.