RBRcoda tide sensor
RBRcoda³  D|tide16 tide sensor

RBRcoda³ D | tide16: pressure and tidal averaging

The RBRcoda³ D | tide16 is a cabled instrument with high accuracy, low power consumption, and the ability to endure harsh conditions. 

By taking averages of pressure readings over extended periods of time, it provides accurate tide level data.

 The sensor is easy to integrate with RS-232 serial output and a wide voltage range.

  • High accuracy, low drift
  • Up to 16Hz burst sampling
  • Low power and wide voltage input range
  • Depths up to 1000m
  • MCBH-6-MP on all units
  • RS-232 output
  • Logging RBRsolo3 D| tide16 available

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The RBRcoda³ D|tide16 is a great choice for many oceanographic and limnology applications and is designed specifically for measuring water level changes over time with tides.