RBRcoda pressure and depth sensor
RBRcoda³  D pressure (depth) sensor

RBRcoda³  D: pressure (depth) 

The RBRcoda3 D is a cabled instrument with high accuracy, low power consumption, and the ability to endure harsh conditions. The sensor is easy to integrate with RS-232 serial output and a wide voltage range.

  • High accuracy, low drift
  • Standard sampling up to 2Hz, fast up to 32Hz
  • Low power and wide voltage input range
  • Depths up to 6000m
  • MCBH-6-MP on all units
  • RS-232 output
  • Logging RBRsolo3 D available
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The RBRcoda3 D is a great choice for many oceanographic and limnology applications, such as borehole monitoring, remotely operated underwater vehicles, stream gauging, or harbour water levels.