RBRcoda³ PAR

RBRcoda³ PAR, RBRcoda³ rad: PAR and narrow-band radiometers

The RBRcoda³ PAR and RBRcoda³ rad optical radiometers feature a wide dynamic range, optimized cosine response, and excellent low-light detection, making them ideal for both moored and profiling applications. The sensors are easy to integrate into any RBR multi-parameter instrument, or connect directly via RS-232.

The RBRcoda³ PAR sensor provides uniform response to light in the PAR spectral range, while the RBRcoda³ rad is available in a variety of narrow-band light channels and channel widths.

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  • Low power consumption
  • High accuracy
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Depths up to 2000m
  • RS-232 output
  • Compact and lightweight