RBRquartz³ APT

The RBRquartz³ APT is a combined triaxial quartz accelerometer and a bottom pressure recorder. The alliance of a 16Hz strong- and weak-motion seismometer, and the pressure measurement with 10ppb resolution make this instrument ideal for deep-sea early earthquake warning and tsunami monitoring. The RBRquartz³ APT is designed for both autonomous installation or real-time cabled observatories with ethernet connectivity. Designed for rapid ROV deployment, the instruments penetrates sea bed sediments and has good seismic coupling.

  • Long deployments
  • High accuracy
  • Quartz stability
  • Up to 16Hz sampling
  • TCP/IP socket over Ethernet
  • 10ppb resolution
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RBRquartz³ APT
The RBRquartz³ APT uses proven proprietary RBR technology and the Paroscientific Digiquartz® transducers to achieve 10ppb depth resolution with sub-second integration times. The short integration time consumes less power during sampling resulting in significantly longer deployments between battery replacements. User selectable integration time for each reading means you can adjust the resolution to your measurement needs. Dataset export to Matlab, Excel, OceanDataView®, or text files makes post processing with your own algorithms effortless.