RBRquartz³ BPR (bottom pressure recorder)

RBRquartz³ BPR|zero
RBRquartz³ BPR|zero internal view

RBRquartz³ BPR|zero

The RBRquartz³ BPR|zero is a special version of the robust RBRquartz³ BPR implementing an internal quartz barometer and switching valve. The novel AzeroA technique is used to provide in-situ reference measurements to correct for long term drift in the Paroscientific Digiquartz® pressure gauge. Configured with one or two Digiquartz® pressure gauges, an internal barometer is used in conjunction with a hydraulic manifold to periodically make reference measurements of internal housing pressure. This instrument is intended for deep water, long-term deployments where high stability and resolution of absolute pressure measurements are critical.

  • Long deployments
  • High accuracy
  • Quartz stability
  • Up to 8Hz sampling
  • AzeroA drift verification
  • 10ppb resolution
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RBRquartz³ BPR|zero
The RBRquartz³ BPR|zero uses the AzeroA technique to assess drift in the Digiquartz® pressure gauge. This is done by periodically switching the applied pressure that the gauge measures from seawater to the atmospheric conditions inside the housing. The drift in quartz sensors is proportional to the full-scale rating, so a reference barometer - with hundreds of times less drift that the marine gauge - is used to determine the behaviour of the marine pressure measurements. The RBRquartz³ BPR|zero may be supplied with a second (redundant) Digiquartz® pressure gauge and, optionally, a triaxial quartz accelerometer.