RBRquartz³ BPR

The RBRquartz³ BPR (bottom pressure recorder) uses an integrated Paroscientific Digiquartz® pressure sensor for the best-in-class initial accuracy, resolution and low drift performance. The RBRquartz³ BPR is intended for long-term autonomous or real-time observations of water level, tides, and tsunamis in deep water. The high resolution (10ppb) and accuracy (0.01% FS) quartz pressure sensor is able to detect minuscule changes in water level from the bottom of the ocean. Continuous measurements allow the RBRquartz³ BPR to be used for tsunami detection and early-warning systems when connected to a cabled real-time network. Flexible measurement schedules and configurable integration times permit applications for tide and sea level measurements when powered on internal batteries.

  • Long deployments
  • High accuracy
  • 240M readings
  • Up to 16Hz sampling
  • USB-C download
  • 10ppb resolution
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RBRquartz³ BPR
The RBRquartz³ BPR uses the proven Digiquartz® pressure sensor to achieve high resolution measurements for full ocean depth water level and tide observations. The RBRquartz³ BPR can record instantaneous pressure measurements, average pressure measurements over specified sampling duration, and burst-sample pressure at up to 16Hz. A high accuracy marine temperature sensor is standard with every RBRquartz³ BPR and temperature data are recorded with each pressure measurement. The RBRquartz³ BPR is ideal for applications such as tsunami detection and warning systems, long-term water level studies, and high-accuracy depth sensing in ROVs and AUVs. Online applications are enabled via RS-232 or RS-485 communications.