The RBRquartz³ Q|plus tide and wave logger

Top of RBRquartz³ Q|plus tide and wave logger
RBRquartz³ Q|plus tide and wave logger

RBRquartz³ Q | plus: tide and wave logger

The RBRquartz³ Q|plus tide and wave logger integrates the proven Paroscientific Digiquartz® pressure sensor for the best-in-class initial accuracy and low drift performance. Intended for long-term autonomous or realtime observations of water level, tides and waves, the incredibly stable pressure sensor in the RBRquartz³ Q|plus can resolve small changes over long deployments.

  • Long deployments
  • Quartz stability
  • High accuracy
  • 240M readings
  • Up to 16Hz sampling
  • USB-C download
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The RBRquartz³ Q|plus can record instantaneous pressure measurements, average pressure samples to remove wave action, and burst-sample pressure at up to 16Hz for wave height and period calculations. Wave measurements are made by burst sampling, with programmable sample rate, number of samples, and burst interval. High accuracy marine temperature data are recorded with each measurement. Wave, tide, and temperature measurements are standard with every RBRquartz³ Q|plus.

Flexible measurement schedules, burst sampling, and configurable integration times permit applications for tide, wave, and sea level measurements. The RBRquartz³ Q|plus has a large battery and memory capacity for extended autonomous deployments and USB, RS-232, or RS-485 connectivity for realtime applications.