Automated profiles with inductive charging.

The RBRglissando winch enables automated profiling of CTD and sound velocity sensors for small boats and ASVs. It is capable of 200m profiles at a descent rate of 1m/s and requires no user attention. The vertical profile data is automatically uploaded to the winch controller via Wi-Fi and tagged with a GPS position. The instrument is continuously charged inductively when not profiling.

  • Suited for small boat and ASV
  • Automated profiling
  • Inductive charging
  • Integrated GPS
  • 200m profiling
  • Wi-Fi ready
Download Datasheet

Intended for use on small research boats, vessels of opportunity, ASVs, and dockside, the RBRglissando is a compact autonomous profiling winch. Vertical profile data are automatically downloaded from the CTD logger to the winch via Wi-Fi and stored on the winch, telemetered directly via Iridium or GSM, or passed to the vehicle controller. An integrated GPS logs vessel track and tags each profile with the correct location. The winch is accessed via Wi-Fi, USB, serial, or Ethernet. Configurable profiling parameters include depth, speed, and repeat interval. Archived profile data can be viewed using phones, tablets, or laptops. The winch can hold 200m of high-strength 1.8mm Dyneema line and is fully waterproof to IP68 standards. GSM and Iridium telemetry options are available for complete autonomous and remote operation.

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