RBR moves into new headquarters


October 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario

RBR Ltd is excited to announce its new office headquarters. 

The new premises, located at 359 Terry Fox Drive in Ottawa, boasts approximately 22,500 square feet, nearly double the size of the previous space. The interior was custom built and provides RBR with the area to accommodate ongoing growth while encouraging innovation, and for employees to nurture creative ideas. Designed around the staff requirements, the two-storey space is outfitted with many large meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, a substantial kitchen, and sit-stand desks creating a comfortable yet productive working space. 

RBR front desk in headquarters

“Planning a new office is at once a combination of delight, vision, and perseverance”, said Greg Johnson, President. “This building provides concrete testament to the growth experienced here, and is also our firm commitment to a future that continues on the same path.”

RBR has named one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by Growth 500 for the past several years and attributes this to a reflection of sharp focus and commitment to customer success.

About RBR

Since 1973, RBR has been designing and manufacturing oceanographic instruments in Ottawa, Canada, and has steadily expanded to include offices in Atlantic Canada, and China, with direct sales in USA, France, and Australia. From the ocean abyss to the polar ice cap; lakes, rivers and coastal zones, RBR’s sensors and loggers track water parameters including conductivity, temperature, depth, salinity (CTD), dissolved gases, pH, and many others.