We have a network of representatives around the world who are passionate about oceanography and water quality. We work closely with our resellers so that you can have excellent customer service, sales, and support in your own country.



Australia & New Zealand – RBR Oceania

RBR offers direct sales and technical support to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Stefan Stimson
RBR Business Development Manager (Oceania)
Tel: +61 (0) 406 492166
[email protected]

Belgium / Netherlands – Geometius BV

Geometius BV is a specialist in supplying equipment and systems for hydrographic and oceanographic applications, location/positioning, land survey and geographical applications. For our marine customers we offer complete hydrographic solutions and dedicated oceanographic sensors and software. Apart from the hardware and software, you can also contact us for various additional services as maintenance, repair, rental equipment and technical support.

Operetteweg 4A
1323 VA Almere
T: +31 88 436 63 00
F: +31 88 436 63 10
E: [email protected]
W: www.geometius.nl/

Brazil – Lunus

LUNUS is headquartersed in São Rbré dos Campos, a technology pole of São Paulo State and close to São Paulo City (100 km). It has two branches, one located close to Alcântara Satellite Launching base (in the Brazilian Northeast) and another in the Technological Park of São Rbré dos Campos. Besides the headquarters, these two branches are mainly dedicated to space and environmental activities, providing services and products commercialization. LUNUS is the exclusive representative of RBR in Brazil. The environmental division markets, and supports all of the RBR products in our market. It is a pleasure and an honor for us to associate our name to RBR.

Rua Coronel João Cursino nº 33,
Vila Icaraí,
São José dos Campos SP

Tel: +55 12 3202 8100
Fax: +55 12 3202 8111
[email protected]

Canada – RBR Canada

RBR Ltd.
359 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 120
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 2E7 Canada
Tel: +1 (613) 599–8900
[email protected]

Chile – Bentos

Bentos was created in 1994 to meet our client’s marine services needs. BENTOS focuses on the following areas: Coastal Oceanography, Hydrography, Geodesy & Geophysic, Underwater Cables, Environmental Studies, Marine Management and Administration, Underwater Video. In addition, BENTOS is the Chilean representative for the most prestigious manufacturers of oceanographic and hydrographic instruments. The quality of our services is guaranteed by an experienced staff of professionals and by its participation in many investment projects in the ocean environment. The company has adequate infrastructure and economic resources to carry out with solvency projects of diverse magnitude.

Av. Suecia 3005,
Nunoa, Santiago,

Tel: +56 2 29637360
Fax: +56 2 29637377
[email protected]

Chile – Southern Tech SPA

Southern Tech is a scientific-based company focused on oceanographic and hydrographic services. We are comprised of well-trained scientists with experience in fieldwork, technological equipment, and deployments. We also help our customers achieve their goals by providing scientific consulting, sensor service, and technical support. We are representatives of prestigious brands for diverse applications.

Southern Tech SPA
Con con 651,
Chuyaca, Osorno,

Tel: +56 9 9697 6420
[email protected]

China – RBR China

RBR supports customers in China directly by providing sales and technical support services through RBR China.

RBR China
Room 312, 3F, T3 Building 195#,
Hong Kong East Road,
Laoshan District, Qingdao,
Shandong Province, China, 266061

Tel: +86 532 80999695
[email protected]

Finland – GWM Engineering Oy

GWM-Engineering Oy is a Finnish company, founded in 1993. We are specialized in the sampling, measuring and monitoring technology for use in surveys of groundwater, coastal waters and lakes. With over 20 years’ experience in the environmental technology we provide individual solutions to our clients for their demanding measuring needs. We operate in the field of import, sales, and rental instruments. GWM-Engineering also provides measuring and calibration services, and maintenance. We co-operate with the leading manufactures to offer high quality instrumentation for water quality, flow measuring, oceanographic and hydrological solutions.

T: +358 (0)17-5800 818
F: +358 (0)17-5800 220
E: [email protected]
W: www.gwm-engineering.fi

France – RBR France

RBR supports customers in France directly by providing sales and technical support services through Didier Clec’h, Business Development Manager (France).

Tel: +33 (0)6 52 25 91 31

[email protected]

Germany – Nautilus Marine Service GmbH

Nautilus Marine Service is a German-based specialist company to produce pressure housings made of glass (VITROVEX) for use in the deep sea. The company was founded in 1985 and has been investing continuously in people and technology to maintain the technical leadership in the products on offer. The company’s headquarter and production facility is in Buxtehude near Hamburg.

In Germany, Nautilus Marine Service represent the interests of some of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine technologies (such as RBR) by sales and advisory activities for their product lines and we can provide personnel in support of site installations, commissioning, product training and troubleshooting requirements.

In addition to the oceanographic and environmental equipment, Nautilus Marine Service offers marine safety and rescue gear to the research, survey and monitoring markets.

Nautilus Marine Service operates a high volume hydrostatic pressure chamber and offers pressure testing services for outside clients. Our capability extends to full ocean depth and beyond (1300bar).

Nautilus Marine Service GmbH
Alter Postweg 30,
21614 Buxtehude,

Tel: +49 4161 559030
Fax: +49 4161 559029

[email protected]

Greece – Tree Company

TREE COMPANY CO SA established in 1989 provides the market with numerous innovative and unique technologies offering turn-key solutions in an immense range of applications in the field of surveying, hydrometry, meteorology, and environmental measuring equipment.

Tree Company Corporation
27 Ag. Kiriakis,
Paleo Faliro, Athens

Tel: 0030 2109473600
Fax: 0030 2109473617
[email protected]

India – Samhitha Marine

Explore, deep and beyond – believe

Samhitha Marine Private Limited (SMPL), originated from Results Marine – which transferred its Marine and Oceanographic business division as a going concern, as a process of transformation and diversification. With 25+ years of diversified experience gained from our customers and associates, we believe the going will be challenging, but resourceful. Our understanding of the business is unique from the global and Indian perspective; catering to the needs and translating them to the requirement and approach, we deliver. Strategizing is the key to success; our team offers required input on market intelligence to both customers and principals alike, enabling them to take appropriate decision.

Samhitha in Sanskrit means – join together….. Together, we deliver.

Samhitha Marine
36 Mambalam High Road
T.Nagar, Chennai 600 017, Tamil Nadu, India

Tel: +91 44 2814 1516
[email protected]

Israel – Yamma Hydrometric Solutions

Yamma Hydrometric Solutions offers comprehensive, high quality and professional hydrometric, hydrologic and oceanographic solutions in the field of environmental monitoring. Their range of services includes designing of hydrometric systems, supplying of measuring instruments, installation and maintenance of monitoring stations, in order to obtain advanced hydrometric data.

Yamma Hydrometric Solutions Ltd.
Harimon 45, Nir Israel, 7950500

Tel: 972 76 5484290
Fax: 972 77 3280290
[email protected]

Italy – Codevintec Italiana SRL

Instrumentation for geophysics, oceanography, seismology, LaserScanner 3D and GPS/DGPS

Via G. Labus, 13 – 20147
Milano Mi – Italy

Tel +39 02 4830 2175
Fax +39 02 4830 2169
[email protected]

Japan – SEA Corp

Science Engineering Associates Corporation (SEA Corporation), based in Japan, is a technical trading company with more than 25 years history of leading the Japanese market using its industry resources, advanced technical capabilities and customer oriented services. SEA Corporation has concentrated in the import of marine observation devices, oceanographic instruments, accessories and parts, customization, maintenance services and instrument rental. SEA Corporation specializes in oceanographic instruments (ADCP,CTD, waves, tides, deepwater sensors), robotics (AUV), ocean biology, ocean geology, and instrumentation (underwater positioning and attitude sensors, underwater communication, mooring equipment and parts).

Science Engineering Associates Corporation
Urayasu, Chiba Fujimi 3–16–3

Tel: +047 350 1251
Fax: +047 350 1259
[email protected]

Korea – Ocean Science Co., Ltd

Ocean Science Co., Ltd. is a provider of reliable and advanced marine observation instruments. We strive to contribute to the development of the domestic oceanographic technology market by providing system installation services, operational support, training and consulting for instrumentation procurement together with instruments supply.

Ocean Science Co., Ltd

424 Dongmoon Tower II, 358-25, Hosu-ro, iLsandong-gu, Goyang-si,
Gyeonggi-do, 10449, Republic of Korea

Tel:  +82 31 902 7550
Fax: +82 31 902 7551

[email protected]

Mexico – DSP Projects

DSPProjects started in 2004 as a Distributor of Electronic Equipment and an Electronic Design House. We bring technology from everywhere in the world to Mexico and Latin America. We also develop electronic systems based on DSP and MCU. We recently started distributing data loggers and sensors from RBR to measure physical variables at sea and in water environments.

Francisco de Quevedo 330
Col. Arcos Vallarta, C.P. 44130
Guadalajara, Jal., MX

Tel: +52(33) 3825 0667
[email protected]

Norway – Sensor Consult as

Sensorconsult is a Norwegian consulting company which offer technical measurement solutions. The company is also an exlusive agent, both in Norway and in Scandinavia, for some selected, well reputated foreign companies. Our speciality is instrumentation for project within the oceanographic and hydrologic sector. We deliver equipment for measuring both in salt- and freshwaters. Among our customers are also fishfarmers, power plants and waterworks.

Sensorconsult as
Fossane 155
PO Box 79, Ulset
N – 5872 Bergen

Tel: +47 55 18 30 48
Fax: +47 55 18 30 49
[email protected]

Portugal – Qualitas Instruments

Qualitas Instruments is a Portuguese engineering company, founded in 2007 and part of the QUALITAS group, with offices in Portugal, Spain, UK, Colombia and Morocco and activity in Europe, Africa and Middle East. We’re specialized in environmental observation and monitoring, offering solutions to the operational oceanography, maritime safety, offshore and marine renewable energies sectors. We at Qualitas are proud to partner with key institutions and companies leaders in their technologies, providing high-end products and services to our customers.

Qualitas Instruments
Madan Parque, Rua dos Inventores.
2825 -182 Caparica (Portugal).

Contacts: Pedro Agostinho & Maria Fernandes
Tel: +351 918 991 777
Tel: +351 962 073 702
[email protected]qualitasinstruments.com
[email protected]qualitasinstruments.com


Russia – Technomar

Technomar Company is based in Russia providing services in system integration, engineering, consultancy and delivery of equipment for the following applications: ocean exploration, oceanology, oceanography, hydrography, seabed data imagery, navigation and positioning at sea, water environment monitoring, hydrology and water quality to the commercial and scientific community, including the O&G market, coastal engineers, dredging companies and port authorities.
T: +7 (985) 825 50 55
F: +7 (499) 501 27 22
E: [email protected]
W: http://www.technomar.ru/

Singapore – Sea and Land Technologies Pte Ltd

Sea and Land Technologies (SALT) is a leading company specialized in the Supply, System Integration, Service & Support of High Technology Equipment serving the ASEAN and the Asia Pacific countries for over 25 years. The Survey Division is specialized in Survey Instrumentation and Data Acquisition and Processing Solutions used for Environmental Surveys, Oceanography, Hydrology, Hydrographic Surveys, Marine Seismic Surveys, Meteorological Work and Coastal Monitoring Studies.The Diving Division is specialized in the New Build, Assembly, Supply and System Integration of Mixed Gas Containerized Air Dive Systems c/w Diver Handling A-Frames, Hydraulic Power Paks, Compressors and High Pressure Water Jetting Pumps, Diving Umbilicals, Underwater CCTV Systemsand all Diving Accessories, Consumables, etc., for the Commercial and Military Diving Industries. SALT Service Centre, supported by our qualified and factory trained engineers, provides 24/7 technical support besides repairs, fabrication, installation, commissioning, operator training, warranty and maintenance services and turnkey solutions for onshore and offshore projects and applications. ISO 9001:2008 Certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance accredited by UKAS.

Sea and Land Technologies Pte Ltd
7 Tuas Basin Link,
Singapore 638761

Tel: +65 6716 0777
Fax: +65 6563 0366
[email protected]

South Africa – Lwandle Technologies

Lwandle Technologies is a South African company supplying oceanographic, marine survey and marine environmental services to the Southern African and international markets. Lwandle was launched on 1 November 2003 and has developed a management team with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Lwandle specializes in approved environmental assessment procedures, marine/ estuarine water & sediment quality surveys; assessments & monitoring.

Lwandle Technologies
Ground floor, Old Warehouse,
Black River Park, Fir Road, Observatory,
7925, Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 447–3309
Fax: +27 21 705–6652
[email protected]

Spain – SIDMAR, Estudios y Servicios Oceanográficos, S.L.

SIDMAR Oceanographic Studies and Services is a pioneer company located in Spain with over fifteen years of experience in oceanographic and hydrological works. It operates in four business lines: sales of oceanographic instrumentation from renowned manufacturers, provision of operational services, marine consulting, and projects in R + D + i. We are RBR´s exclusive agent for Spain, offering advice on the purchase, installation and commissioning of equipment. Our research and technical staff work in compliance with our guidance to quality, prevention of occupational risks and environmental concerns.

SIDMAR, Estudios y Servicios Oceanográficos, S.L.
Avda. Pais Valencia, 22
03720 Benissa (Alicante)

Tel: + 34 965 731 073
Fax: + 34 965 731 106
[email protected]

Taiwan – All-Star Technology Corporation

All-Star Technology Corporation (STEI), founded in 1992, is a professional company dedicated to the field of Oceanographic & Hydrographic monitoring and instrumentation for various application fields of Environments & Resources as well as the Disaster Prevention Monitoring and Warning for the territory of Taiwan.

The company participates in a variety of local vital governmental and academic research projects including the wave, tide, current and meteorological monitoring of ocean and harbors with pile and data buoy system, as well as the water quality monitoring in the oceanic area.

All-Star Technology represents RBR and worldwide well-known manufacturers’ advanced instrumentation and technology to provide the planning. design, implementation, installation, testing, analysis, report, maintenance and technical services. All-Star Technology supplies high quality instruments and equipment for the related application fields, and would be very pleased to take the valuable chance of working together with RBR Group in Taiwan Territory.

All-Star Technology Corporation
1F, No. 36, Lane 312, Section 2 ChengGong Road
Neihu District, Taipei City 11467

Tel: 886–2–8792–8660
Fax: 886–2–8792–6770
[email protected]

Turkey – DenAr Ocean Engineering Services

DenAr Ocean Engineering Ltd. based in Turkey services in the fields of measurement, sales, training and maintenance since 2007. By this time our company, which is a representative of leading companies in the field of ocean technologies, has been a solution partner to the institutions and organizations conducting marine and coastal studies by supplying engineering services and equipments. Recently a number of successful operations were conducted in the seas around Turkey and the Caspian Sea by the highly skilled and motivated team of engineers at DenAr.

DenAr Ocean Engineering Services
Hikaye Sokak
NO: 1/4
P.K: 34394
Şişli / Istanbul

Tel: +90 212 216 64 82
Fax: +90 212 216 64 83
[email protected]

Ukraine – SPC Antares

Scientific Production Center “Antares” was founded in 2000 and is engaged in the supply of equipment for the tasks of geodesy, navigation, position, oceanography, hydrography, oceanology, hydrology and water quality analysis, etc.

Scientific Production Center “Antares” LLC
Str. Sichovyh Striltsiv, 60
04050, Kiev,

Tel: +(38044) 484-45-18
Fax: +(38044) 484-60-12
[email protected]

United Arab Emirate – Unique Group

As an independently owned global company, Unique Group leads the way in providing engineering expertise, sales and rental equipment and the latest technology for the marine, diving, pipeline and subsea market sectors. Unique Group delivers bespoke, off-the-shelf engineering solutions and cost efficiencies across the oil and gas supply chain — onshore and offshore, surface and subsea. Unique Group employs over 450 people worldwide through its seven multi-site divisions: Survey Equipment; Marine & Subsea; Diving & Life Support; Buoyancy & Ballast; On-Site Engineering; Specialised Boats and Medical Technology. Its 200-plus dedicated engineering specialists work across nine strategically
important global oil and gas regions — USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, India, South Africa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.

Unique Maritime Group FZC
P.O. Box: 42505,
Plot 1D/07A, Near Roundabout 2,
Phase 1, Hamriyah Free Zone
Sharjah, U.A.E.

Tel: +971 6 5130333
Fax: +971 6 5130444
[email protected]
[email protected] – Chetan Chitnis (Division Manager Survey)

United Kingdom – RS Aqua

RS Aqua is an ocean technology provider of powerful and innovative sensors, systems and platforms which enable ground-breaking science and discovery. Operating in the UK and globally for nearly 40 years, RS Aqua is dedicated to supporting ocean scientists, engineers, and the maritime industries with scientific and technical excellence. They provide powerful technological solutions and complete support for the following sectors: Aquatic Animal Monitoring, Aquaculture, Marine Science, Autonomy & Robotics, Defence and Surveillance, Offshore Energy, Survey and Inspection, Maritime and Ports, and Freshwater Science.

RS Aqua Ltd.
21/22 The Slipway
Marina Keep
Port Solent
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)23 9400 4540
[email protected]

United States – RBR USA

RBR Ltd.
395 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 120
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 2E7 Canada
Tel: +1 (613) 599–8900
[email protected]