Up to 16Hz sampling rate on RBRsolo D |tide and |wave loggers

RBRsolo D

RBR announces the release of the Mid 2014 generation of the RBRsolo D |tide and the RBRsolo D |wave loggers.  These loggers support faster sampling of tides or waves than previously offered. Both the the |wave and |tide variants now sample at 2, 4, 8, or 16Hz.

Main features:

  • Store over 20 million readings internally.
  • Fast download.
  • True USB speed and convenience.
  • Longer deployments with one LiSOCl2 battery
  • Improved instrument design.
  • High accuracy measurements.
  • New microprocessor, real-time operating system, sophisticated power management, and USB and serial connectivity.
  • Unique desiccant holder
  • Sample at 24hr to 1s, and 2,4,8 and 16Hz