RBRlegato C.T.D & RTSYS NemoSens

RTSYS has integrated the RBRlegato3 C.T.D on the NemoSens© micro-AUV for low-power measurements of temperature, pressure, salinity, and sound velocity. The NemoSens is a 90cm long micro-AUV and an evolution of the RTSYS range of larger AUVs. It is lightweight, easy-to-use, modular, and intended for water quality, hydrographic, and acoustic surveys, building on RTSYS’s years of acoustics experience. NemoSens uses … Read More

RBR instruments study sea level rise in the Canadian Arctic

Since the writing of this story, published in ECO Magazine, the Milne Ice Shelf has collapsed into the Arctic Ocean. A team of Canadian and American researchers are using RBR temperature and salinity loggers to study how the Arctic’s ice shelves are changing over time. By understanding their disappearance, the researchers are able to predict the dynamics of the much … Read More

RBR moves into new headquarters


October 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario RBR Ltd is excited to announce its new office headquarters.  The new premises, located at 359 Terry Fox Drive in Ottawa, boasts approximately 22,500 square feet, nearly double the size of the previous space. The interior was custom built and provides RBR with the area to accommodate ongoing growth while encouraging innovation, and for employees to nurture … Read More

Del Mar Oceanographic and RBR Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement

July 15, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO) and RBR are pleased to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement for the provision of Wirewalkers™ with RBR CTDs and sensors in Australia and New Zealand.  The DMO Wirewalker, originally designed at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, is a field-proven vertically profiling instrument platform powered by ocean waves.  Attached to a … Read More

RBRcoda³ sensors added to Sofar Ocean Smart Mooring Platform

Sofar’s new Smart Mooring is an environmental monitoring tool capable of measuring a wide variety of parameters with a single universal interface.  Sofar has partnered with RBR to provide high-accuracy RBRcoda³ sensors to measure pressure, temperature, or dissolved oxygen along the smart mooring line and at the bottom.  Initial projects will focus on using the RBRcoda³ D pressure sensors for realtime measurements … Read More