Go Big or Go Home: Instrumenting the Nearshore

Leaning over the side of the 22-foot boat and pulling up the first line of temperature sensors, oceanographer Jamie MacMahan described the state of the line as the worst bio-fouling he had ever seen. It was slimy and smelly. One down, 34 more to go. This was only a pilot project, but MacMahan’s mantra of ‘Go big or go home’ … Read More

Tsunami measurements in Wellington Harbour

Fresh in from the antipodes! Dear RBR, We are delighted users of your RBRsolo products, collecting data for swell wave and infra-gravity wave studies in many locations worldwide. Here is a short news article where some great data was collected during a tsunami event in New Zealand. You are welcome to re-post it! MetOcean NZ article Kind regards – Peter … Read More

Fishermen, Scientists Collaborate to Collect Climate Data

In the waters off the southern New England coast, local fisherman are noticing changes in the ocean. Using an RBRconcerto CTD, they are taking measurements that will help researchers better understand how climate change is affecting the ocean and their fisheries.