Who are RBR Support, and how can they help you?

RBR is at the service of our customers – and your success is our overriding goal. Phone support is available weekdays from 9am to 5pm ET, and we respond to direct emails (support@rbr-global.com) and website form submissions within a few hours of receiving them. We also offer video call meetings – scheduled based on your time zone – as required.

Meet the team

The RBR Support team is a timely, concise, efficient, and knowledgeable resource for our customers. But who are the people behind the emails, phone calls, and video chats? Meet our passionate team members who work hard to make each of your deployments a success.

Stan Ren     Sarah Akinyele     Joyce Fournier     Alexey Li

Stan Ren, sales operations and support manager
With his background in business, technology, and finance, Stan Ren is an inspired leader, dedicated to his work and passionate about customer success. Stan loves spending his free time in the great outdoors, be it hiking in Gatineau Park or kayaking in Kawartha Lakes. He also plays soccer and basketball, collects vinyl records, and is a big fan of Les Aventures de Tintin.

Sarah Akinyele, technical support engineer
An environmental engineer with a passion for oceanography, Sarah Akinyele provides technical support to our customers. She has recently gotten into podcasts – Trevor Noah’s Daily Show  being the favourite – and is always on board for a games night. In her spare time, you will most likely find her out on day trips or watching (and rewatching) her favourite TV shows. She is also a big fan of concerts and live music, and will catch any show she can.

Joyce Fournier, service coordinator
Joyce Fournier has been with RBR since we were a team of only 15 people, working out of a handful of town homes in Ottawa. Her official job title is “service coordinator”, but she has been known to wear an assortment of hats when needed. She loves helping others, being outdoors with her family and puppies, and spreading joy through a smile (or “smile” mug when health guidelines recommend wearing masks).

Alexey Li, technical support engineer
A geologist by training, Alex moved to Canada from Russia just over 12 years ago. Before joining RBR, he did fieldwork in uranium exploration, worked in an isotope geochemistry lab, and was a data analyst at a seismology company. In his spare time, he enjoys walking in the woods with his family and playing touch rugby. He also loves birdwatching and mushroom picking.

Common support areas

When contacting Support, please provide as much information as possible regarding your deployment, environment, instrument questions, troubleshooting you have tried, and attach any pertinent diagnostic logs, data files, and screenshots.

Support tip: Your instrument log files will be attached automatically when you contact us through Ruskin. Connect your instrument to the software, navigate to “Help” > “Comment on Ruskin”, fill out the form, and click “Submit”.

Repairs, calibrations, and instrument upgrades
We are with you every step of the way with return merchandise authorization (RMA) support. You will get assessment reports, corresponding quotes, and regular status updates while your instrument is with our service team in Ottawa. We work hard to ensure your instrument is back for your upcoming deployment, including facilitating third-party sensor calibrations offsite.

Instrument deployment
Not sure which battery to use for your instrument? Need new desiccant or O-rings? Wondering how to use Ruskin Mobile to view your data in the field? Looking to improve your deployment configuration? Find the answer to any question in our technical documentation, available for all RBR products. If you need more personalised help, contact us – and we will be happy to support you.

Ruskin software
Refer to our Ruskin User Guides for information on installing the software, setting up instrument configurations, understanding error messages, or interpreting data. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us – and we will be happy to assist.

Technical documentation
RBR has an extensive library of technical documentation for our products, including instrument guides, software user guides, and command reference documents. Hard copies of RBR calibration certificates and quick start guides are provided with each shipment. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us – and we will be happy to help.

Support tip: Access any of these documents on Ruskin. Connect your instrument to the software and navigate to “Help” > “Documentation” for user guides or to the “Information” tab for calibration certificates.

Remote instrument support
We can remotely assist with Wi-Fi activation, twist activation, tide and wave upgrades, and RBR firmware.

Troubleshooting and general inquiries
RBR has a helpful resource: Frequently asked questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us – and our team will work collaboratively with you to find a solution to whatever problem you might be experiencing.

Support resources