RBRbrevio³ C.T.DRBRbrevio³ C.T.D on AUV/ROV

RBRbrevio³: shortest CTD logger

The RBRbrevio³ C.T.D is short in stature but tall on performance. With world-class sensor accuracy, a sampling rate up to 32Hz, and realtime data output, the RBRbrevio³ is the smallest CTD to integrate into your towed vehicle, AUV, ASV, or ROV.

C.T.D conductivity, temperature, pressure (depth) sensors
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RBRbrevio³ C.T.D

Optimized for vehicle integration applications, the RBRbrevio³ offers a short housing and a right-angle or in-line connector to fit your needs. It is uniquely designed to determine salinity by measuring the conductivity and temperature of water. Equipped with a pressure channel, the RBRbrevio³ provides accurate salinity data even when the instrument is sampling at varying depths.  


Conductivity measurements are performed using a rugged inductive cell suitable for deployment in marine, estuarine, or fresh water. There are no exposed contacts, which avoids susceptibility to corrosion, and the housing may be frozen into ice without damage. It is characterized for the mechanical effects of both temperature and pressure to allow for accurate correction in salinity derivation. These coefficients are provided for customers who prefer to calculate their own corrections. In addition, it is suitable for use outside the usual realms of PSS-78 practical salinity scale, in applications such as desalination brine monitoring. The conductivity readings are temperature-corrected.

For profiling applications, the co-located thermistor reduces salinity spiking, thus increasing data accuracy. 

Equipped with a piezoresistive pressure channel, the CTD instruments provide more accurate salinity data when the instrument is sampling at varying depths.  

Silent operation

The CFD-optimised, low aspect ratio conductivity cell is self-flushing and does not require a pump. Totally silent operation is optimized for stealth missions and passive acoustic listening.