RBRconcerto Tx Thermistor string

RBRconcerto³ Tx: thermistor string

Thermistor strings configured to meet your measurement needs.

  • Sampling intervals as short as 3s
  • Up to 12 thermistor nodes with the RBRconcerto³ T12
  • Up to 24 thermistor nodes with the RBRconcerto³ T24
  • Large data storage and USB-C download
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The RBRconcerto³ Tx is a unique instrument within the standard instrument family as it integrates multiple (12 or 24) temperature sensors in a single chain. The multi-node thermistor strings are made to order and are available in plastic and titanium housings. The robust design is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from marine or freshwater deployments, to underground or in concrete, in permafrost or ice. The RBRconcerto³ Tx is available in a titanium housing for depths up to 8000m.

  • 240M readings
  • 12 or 24 thermistors
  • Long deployments
  • USB-C download
  • Up to 400m in length
  • Depths up to 8000m

The thermistor strings are calibrated to ±0.005°C against ITS-90 primary standards.

The RBRconcerto³ Tx is easy to configure for the optimum sampling regime for your measurements. The large data storage capacity and fast download ability facilitate long deployments with higher sampling rates.  Dataset export to Matlab, Excel, OceanDataView®, or text files makes post processing with your own algorithms effortless.


RBRconcerto³ T12 Up to 12 thermistor nodes
RBRconcerto³ T24 Up to 24 thermistor nodes
RBRconcerto³ Tx | deep Depths up to 8000m