RBRcervata: smart battery canister

RBRcervello wirewalker data controller

The RBRcervata is the fusion of the RBRfermata underwater battery canister with the RBRcervello data controller, designed to support RBR standard instruments. It provides both additional battery power and external memory, adding up to four years to deployment times.

The RBRcervata downloads the data from your instrument to its memory card at set intervals. It also facilitates advanced deployment management: reconfiguring the instrument, synchronising the realtime clock, and rotating the memory to accommodate longer deployments. An instrument can be connected to or disconnected from the RBRcervata at any time. Power delivery to an attached instrument is constant, regardless of the state of the data controller, including during deep sleep mode.

Download Datasheet
  • 128GB memory
  • Up to 3.3kWh capacity
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Three MCBH connectors
  • Depths up to 4000m

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