RBRfermata on Wirewalker
  • Wirewalker Underwater
  • Rendering
  • Wirewalker on shore
  • Wirewalker on dock
  • Wirewalker underwater close

Del Mar Oceanographic Wirewalker wave-powered profiling system

RBR is pleased to offer the Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO) Wirewalker, a wave-powered profiling system where mechanical, sensing, and communication elements are all tightly integrated. The DMO Wirewalker can be configured using either the RBRconcerto³ or RBRmaestro³ instruments.

Using the RBRfermata battery canister, deployments can be extended by a factor of 40 and provide power for inductive telemetry to the surface.

Download Datasheet
Temperature, depth, and Chlorophyll graph
  • Rapid Vertical Profiling - Powered by Ocean-waves
  • Standard 300m depth profiling - available up to 1000m
  • Deploy with any RBRconcerto³ or RBRmaestro³
  • Custom sensor configuration
  • Moored and drifting deployments possible
  • System designed for efficiency and ease-of-use
  • 6Hz profiling data to the surface

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