Characterizing coastline changes and coastal hazards in the Canadian Arctic community of Grise Fiord.

RBRvirtuoso3 logger in artic

Grise Fiord, located on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, is the northernmost community in Canada’s Arctic and home to approximately 130 people. Over the last 20 years, community members have noticed significant changes to their coastline and increasing numbers of storm impacts. To better understand these changes and how they may need to adapt, they are collaborating with Dr. David Didier, … Read More

Here we grow again! RBR France will service growing customer base in Europe

Welcome to RBR France

We’re pleased to announce the opening of RBR France as a new partner for ocean research in Europe. A French company under the direction of RBR Ltd. (Ottawa, Canada), RBR France is a key pillar in our commitment to support new and existing ocean science projects across Europe and the world. Based in Quimper, RBR France joins a major ocean … Read More

Evaluating the safety and efficacy of ocean alkalinity enhancement

ocean alkalinity enhancement

Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE) may be a relatively safe way of storing CO2 in the ocean, potentially for thousands of years. This technique mimics natural weathering processes but accelerates them by adding low doses of alkalinity to the ocean’s surface, slightly increasing its pH and enhancing its ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Despite the enormous potential for OAE … Read More

Bridging local knowledge and scientific monitoring in coastal Nunatsiavut communities

CTD profiling in Labrador

The Arctic, a region greatly affected by climate change, is experiencing some of the highest rates of warming compared to the rest of the globe. Although much research has focused on understanding the resulting changes in these high-latitude ocean regions, there is a noticeable gap in coastal zone monitoring. This coastal area is often the most utilized and important to … Read More

Introducing the RBR Three or Free calibration guarantee

Three or Free calibration guarantee

With the time and money you invest in every deployment, you need to make sure your instruments are in top shape and producing accurate data. Regular calibration of your instruments is a key to great data. That said, we understand that planning for calibration can be tough, especially if you are under tight timelines. You want to be sure you … Read More

OSM 2022 – RBR Instrumentation User Workshop

Join the RBR Instrumentation User Workshop Thursday, February 24, 2022 | 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM ET (UTC-05:00)   This comprehensive workshop is exclusive to OSM 2022 attendees and will cover the essentials of RBR instruments and data management to help you get the most from your ocean observing equipment: Best practices for improving the quality of field data. Practical … Read More