Pay It Forward

The RBR Pay It Forward campaign enables customers to donate good quality RBR loggers to non-profit and charitable organizations and renew their inventory of new Generation³ products. Your contribution to the Pay It Forward program helps provide reliable scientific instruments to a breadth of important community projects while offering you a discount to bring new RBR products into your equipment pool to improve your research capabilities and reduce your purchase and support costs.

The Details

  • Customers can donate working legacy loggers to approved non-profit and charitable organizations in exchange for a discount on new RBR equipment of similar product family. Example organizations include school science programs, youth STEM programs, and small non-profit environmental organizations.
  • The donation relationship is between the original customer and the recipient. RBR does not provide any warranty nor support for the older generation equipment.
  • The Pay It Forward campaign is applicable for the XR, 2050, 1050, and 1060 family of products.
  • Customers are eligible for an additional 25% discount on equivalent product(s) to the donated product(s).
  • To qualify for the Pay It Forward discount, customers will provide RBR with:
    • Name of recipient organization for approval
    • Short story about why they selected that organization and why it will be useful for their research
    • A photo of the RBR equipment from any related field project
    • Permission to use the story and photo in RBR promotional materials

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