Underwater Battery Canisters

RBRfermata & RBRfermette³

This battery canister, rated to 750dbar, is capable of extending deployments for all RBR instruments and any other devices requiring a nominal 12V supply. Three MCBH connectors are mounted on the top end-cap, and the battery pack design includes 56 D-cells, soldered with reverse- and short-circuit protection, in a single wrapped pack.

The RBRfermata prolongs the life of all deployments by providing 1kWh of power to any underwater instrument. For standard RBR instruments, this is approximately a 40x improvement to our extended battery carriage capacity.

As an alternative, you can also extend your deployments using the compact RBRfermette³. Featuring a single MCBH connector, this battery canister accommodates 8 AA cells.

Drawings for the battery packs are available to aid local sourcing, particularly in the case of lithium packs (which further increase the autonomy).

Download Datasheet
  • 56 D-cell capacity (1kWh nominal)
  • Full diode and fuse protection
  • Pressure relief valve in bottom end-cap
  • Three MCBH connectors for distribution
  • Freely available battery pack drawings
  • Alkaline and lithium variants available
  • 8 AA cell capacity (24Wh - 60Wh nominal)
  • Single MCBH connector for distribution

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