Up to 16Hz sampling rate on RBRsolo D |tide and |wave loggers

RBR announces the release of the Mid 2014 generation of the RBRsolo D |tide and the RBRsolo D |wave loggers.  These loggers support faster sampling of tides or waves than previously offered. Both the the |wave and |tide variants now sample at 2, 4, 8, or 16Hz. Main features: Store over 20 million readings internally. Fast download. True USB speed and convenience. … Read More

New two channel temperature and depth logger: RBRduet

RBR announces the release of the RBRduet,  small two channel loggers that measure temperature, pressure (depth), tides and waves.  The new loggers are 25.4mm (one inch) in diameter and ~265mm (ten inches) long and are available for moored deployments (RBRduetT.D), for profiling or towed arrays (RBRduet T.D|fast16), for tide level measurements (RBRduet T.D |tide) and for both wave and tide measurements and wave processing … Read More

RBR wins the MTS Compass Industrial Award

RBR Limited of Ottawa, Canada was delighted to accept the Marine Technology Society’s Compass Industrial Award, presented at a ceremony at the recent IEEE MTS Oceans 2014 conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland. This prestigious award is presented to an organisation which has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of marine science and technology. MTS is the leading international community of … Read More

12Hz sampling rates for profiling CTDs now available

RBR announces the release of the |fast12 option for its CTDs.  The |fast12 provides all our CTDs with the ability to sample at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 12Hz rates.  This faster sampling rate allows for faster profiling and more data to facilitate further processing. Please contact RBR for more information.