It Walks the Line: a Wirewalker™ record deployment

Wirewalker with RBRconcerto CTD

In September of 2016, a surface wave-powered Wirewalker™ descended to the bottom of its 100-m wire, reversed direction, and smoothly ascended to the surface. Onboard, a payload of instruments took detailed measurements of physical and biological properties in Southern California’s La Jolla submarine canyon. It was the first cycle the Wirewalker would complete at the La Jolla canyon mooring – … Read More about It Walks the Line: a Wirewalker™ record deployment

RBR on Argo

Argo floats illustration

The Argo Steering Team held it’s 19th annual meeting in March, this time in Victoria, British Columbia. For the second time, RBR organised the Manufacturers’ Day immediately following. There was a good turn out of manufacturers and scientists, all interested in the latest technical developments and roadmaps for floats and sensors. The AST has approved RBR for a “Global Pilot” … Read More about RBR on Argo

Gavin Scandlyn Joins RBR

Gavin Scandlyn

RBR Ltd is continuing to support the rapid global growth of new customers and applications by establishing a direct presence in the Asia-Pacific region. We are pleased to announce that Gavin Scandlyn has joined the RBR team as Business Development Manager. Providing sales, technical, and business development support for our customers and local agents, Gavin will be based in New … Read More about Gavin Scandlyn Joins RBR

Eric Siegel Joins RBR

RBR is delighted to announce that Eric Siegel has joined as Sales Director. Eric will focus on enhancing the highly-skilled sales and representative network to enable RBR to continue its global market growth with new products while maintaining excellent customer service and support. Eric joins RBR with twenty years of experience in oceanographic and subsea technology, measurements, and science, and … Read More about Eric Siegel Joins RBR

Lake Tahoe’s Nearshore Network and Protecting Water Clarity

An RBRmaestro and Turner C3 underwater in Lake Tahoe

Renowned for its cobalt blue colour and clarity, at 1,900 m elevation, Lake Tahoe is North America’s largest alpine lake. It straddles the California-Nevada border and on all sides rise the peaked Sierra Nevada mountains. Over two million people visit the Tahoe region annually; Frank Sinatra once owned a casino on Lake Tahoe’s shore. It’s little surprise then, that when … Read More about Lake Tahoe’s Nearshore Network and Protecting Water Clarity

Introducing Generation³

November 16, 2017 – Ottawa, ON, Canada RBR is pleased to announce the release of Generation³, the complete renovation of the core product line, encompassing standard loggers; RBRvirtuoso, RBRduo, RBRconcerto, RBRmaestro, compact loggers; RBRsolo, RBRduet, and the standalone sensors, the RBRcoda. Two primary factors can sum up RBR’s Generation³ instruments; USB-C as the standardized connector on every instrument; and AA … Read More about Introducing Generation³