Fishermen, Scientists Collaborate to Collect Climate Data

In the waters off the southern New England coast, local fisherman are noticing changes in the ocean. Using an RBRconcerto CTD, they are taking measurements that will help researchers better understand how climate change is affecting the ocean and their fisheries.

New year, new website

As you’ve no doubt noticed, our website was getting a little long in the tooth. You’re looking at the initial release. If you can’t find anything you used to, let us know and we’ll fix that straight away!

Up to 16Hz sampling rate on RBRsolo D |tide and |wave loggers

RBR announces the release of the Mid 2014 generation of the RBRsolo D |tide and the RBRsolo D |wave loggers.  These loggers support faster sampling of tides or waves than previously offered. Both the the |wave and |tide variants now sample at 2, 4, 8, or 16Hz. Main features: Store over 20 million readings internally. Fast download. True USB speed and convenience. … Read More