My logger doesn’t communicate

Brian Admin

First, verify that you have a connection through the com port on your computer.

Ruskin automatically connects to the logger by searching for the COM port the CPU has assigned to the USB port. This process may take a few seconds, so please wait at least 30 s to one minute to ensure that Ruskin has found the logger.

When the logger is found it is displayed in the Navigator Pane. You can click on the Instruments heading (Navigator pane) and see all the serial Ports on the Local Server Tab. If your logger is not listed there and the table indicates COM X –> “Transport Enabled” then there is a communication problem. If the logger is listed then Ruskin has found the logger and is communicating with it.

Still can’t communicate?

– Make sure you are using the correct download cable for your instruments, and check to make sure that it is not damaged or faulty. If possible try the cable with another RBR instrument to see if a connection can be established.

– Make sure the USB drivers are installed on your computer (particularly if you have not used Ruskin previously). In Ruskin, click on Instruments -> Install logger USB driver. If the drivers are installed, Ruskin will display a message confirming this.

– Reset the logger – unplug the instrument from your computer, remove the batteries, wait for approximately five minutes, and then re-install the batteries. Retry connecting to Ruskin.

– For legacy instruments (such as XR, TDR, TR, etc.), replace the batteries with fresh cells, as they require an internal power supply in order to communicate.