RBRsolo D depth logger
RBRduet³ T.D temperature and depth logger

Compact | Tide & Wave Loggers

Our most compact, lightweight, and versatile depth, and temperature & depth loggers for wave and tide measurements:

With tidal averaging:

  • RBRsolo³ D|tide16 -- pressure
  • RBRduet³ T.D|tide16 -- temperature & pressure

With intermittent and continuous wave burst and tidal averaging:

  • RBRsolo³ D|wave16 -- pressure
  • RBRduet³ T.D|wave16 -- temperature & pressure

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The RBRsolo³ D and RBRduet³ T.D, |tide and |wave, are compact and lightweight instruments. By taking averages of pressure readings over extended periods of time, they provide accurate tide level data. Intermittent and continuous wave bursts allow for obtaining wave characteristics (wave energy, H1/3, T1/3, Tave and Have) and detecting infrequent phenomena, like boat wakes.

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