RBRduet³ T.D & RBRduet³ T.D |deep
Dual Channel Logger

Our most compact, lightweight, and versatile dual channel logger.

  • Standard sampling up to 2Hz, and optionally up to 32Hz
  • Any AA battery
  • USB-C download
  • Optional tide, and wave variants
  • Cabled RBRcoda³ variant available

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Introducing RBR’s smallest temperature and depth logger, the RBRduet³ T.D. Its small compact size is so versatile that it lends itself to various applications from mooring, bore holes, profiling, or towed arrays. The RBRduet³ T.D is the next generation of RBR’s proven self-contained small submersible temperature recorder; the TDR-2050. This two channel submersible temperature and depth logger is ideal for long term deployments, harsh environments or anywhere where size is a concern. While smaller in size to the TDR-2050 or the RBRduo³ T.D, the RBRduet³ uses a completely new architecture resulting in less power consumption, more memory capacity, and faster download speeds.

The RBRduet³ T.D is calibrated to an accuracy of ±0.002ºC (ITS-90 and NIST traceable standards) and and accuracy of 0.05% full scale for pressure (between -5ºC and 35ºC). The standard thermistor has a time constant of approximately 1.0 seconds.

The RBRduet³ T.D has a measurement range of -5ºC to +35ºC in its standard calibration. However, it can be calibrated from -40ºC to +50ºC. Contact RBR about your particular measurement range. There are a number of pressure (depth) rating options from 20 dbar to 10,000dbar.

Name Configuration
|fast16 4, 8, or 16Hz sampling
|fast32 4, 8, 16, or 32Hz sampling
|tide16 Up to 16Hz bursts with tidal averaging
|wave16 Up to 16Hz bursts with wave analysis
RBRcoda³ T.D Realtime variant (no internal memory or power)
Power Any AA cell
Communication USB-C
Clock drift ±60 seconds/year
Depth rating 1700m OSP and over 10km titanium
Diameter 25.4mm
Length ~210 to 240mm
Weight (air) 136g (OSP), 334g (Ti)
Calibrated measurement range -5°C to 35°C
Initial accuracy ±0.002°C
Resolution <0.00005°C
Time constant ~1s (standard) or ~0.1s (optional)
Typical stability 0.002°C/year
Pressure (Depth)
Calibrated measurement range OSP: 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 500 / 1000 dbar
Ti: 2000 / 4000/ 6000/ 10000 dbar
Initial accuracy ±0.05% full scale
Resolution <0.001% full scale
Time constant <10ms
Typical Stability ~0.1%/year
Sample Capacity
 RBRduet³ T.D  Over 20M measurements