RBRcoda³ T.ODO

RBRcoda³ T.ODO temperature and dissolved oxygen sensor

The RBRcoda³ T.ODO is an optode with exceptional performance. With a standard accuracy of 8µmol/l but a power consumption of only 36mJ/sample, it is without a peer in optical oxygen measurement tools. Rated to 6000m depths and trivial to integrate, it is one solution for all deployments. Available as |slow (30s τ), standard (8s τ), and |fast (1s τ) variants. The | slow version has a protective layer over the foil to allow it to be cleared of biofouling for long-term moored applications.

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  • Power consumption is only 25% of the power of a traditional optode
  • Optical sensor provides long term stability
  • Accurate temperature channel compensates foil and also provides independent temperature output