fluorescence and backscatter sensor

RBRtridente: three-channel fluorescence and backscatter sensor

The RBRtridente is an optical sensor with three channels, capable of making multiple fluorescence and backscatter measurements simultaneously. Its high dynamic range permits exposure to full sunlight with very low detection limits, while power consumption and depth rating have been tailored for use in a wide variety of applications.

The RBRtridente supports measurement of chlorophyll a, fDOM, and backscatter or turbidity within the same sensor package. Tolerant of a wide ranging power supply, data are streamed via RS-232 on the MCBH-6-MP connector. The size makes this sensor compatible with existing vehicle payload bays. Synchronous detection and automatic gain control make it tolerant of full sunlight exposure while still permitting high resolution measurements of very small signals.

for a short video introduction to the RBRtridente with RBR sensor manager Jon Taylor.

Download Datasheet
  • Low power consumption
  • High sensitivity
  • High dynamic range
  • Depths up to 6000m
  • RS-232 output
  • Compact and lightweight