The current version of software used by RBR loggers is called Ruskin. However, there may be conditions where the legacy RBR Windows software must be used. There are many new features in Ruskin and we highly recommend that you download a copy and use it.

Use Ruskin when:

  • Logger firmware is v6.2 or higher
  • RBR Windows yields an error message requesting you use Version 7 software

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Use RBR Windows v6.13 software when:

  • Logger firmware is v6.2 or less
  • Logger firmware up to and including v6.77 is supported

RBR Windows Software v6.13


Use RBR Windows v6.16 software when:

  • You need to perform a single point calibration on a TGR-1050HT or TGR-2050HT

RBR Windows Software v6.16