The RSK format that all Logger2 and Logger3 instruments (RBRsolo, RBRvirtuoso, RBRduo, RBRconcerto, RBRmaestro) generate is not just another proprietary file format. We use a widely-used single file database called SQLite that allows us to have very large files with high-speed access to any part of the dataset. As a result, you can read RSKs from any programming language that supports SQLite. All you need to know is the schema of our table structure.

For users’ convenience, RBR provides open-source RSKtools toolboxes for both MATLAB (RSKtools) and Python (pyRSKtools), to read, post-process, visualize and export RBR logger data. Instructions for getting the latest version of the RSKtools (for Matlab) and pyRSKtools (for Python) can be found below.

pyRSKtools for Python

pyRSKtools is the official Python port of the MATLAB-based RSKtools toolbox. It provides the same functionality for users to access, process, visualize, and export data given in the RSK format from RBR loggers. The latest version (v1.1.1) is now available! The release notes are available here for your reference.

Download and install the current stable version of pyRSKtools with pip:

python -m pip install pyrsktools


  • Python 3.8 or later is required.
  • Supported RSK versions: “full” version from 2.0.0 to 2.18.2; “EPdesktop” version from 1.13.4 to 2.18.2.
  • The TEOS-10 GSW toolkit is a dependency installed automatically with pyRSKtools and may require a C compiler on some versions of the Windows and macOS operating systems (depending upon the availability/compatibility of precompiled build distributions provided by GSW).

To learn how to install pyRSKtools, please see the official installation page. After pyRSktools has been installed, we recommend reviewing the official pyRSKtools documentation page. The getting started and post-processing guides are great places to start for general usage; the API reference provides more detailed information.

RSKtools for MATLAB

RSKtools is the original MATLAB-based toolbox for dealing with RSK files. It is recommended to download the latest version (v3.5.3) below to access more functionality. The release notes are available for your reference. If you’re not ready to make the change, the previous version (v2.3.1) can be downloaded here. However, the previous version will no longer be supported.

Download RSKtools for MATLAB


After downloading the package, users may unzip the package, add it to the MATLAB path, and type “help RSKtools” in MATLAB for a quick introduction. For more information, please check out the following instruction documents: Getting started with RSKtools and Post-processing RBR data with RSKtools. For detailed RSKtools function documentation, please check the online user manual.

Code contributions

We hope you find the RSKtools toolboxes useful and we always value your feedback. If the addition of any functionality is helpful, please feel free to reach out and let us know – or contribute to it yourself! For development, please browse the pyRSKtools Bitbucket repository and the RSKtools BitBucket repository. For information on how to clone, install, and edit the source code directly, please review the pyRSKtools contributor’s guide for more information. We look forward to your input!