RBRmaestro³ Multi-Channel Logger
RBRmaestro³ Multi-Channel Logger

RBRmaestro³: multi-channel logger

Our most flexible, option-packed, multi-channel logger.

Available sensors:

Conductivity (C), Temperature (T), Pressure (D), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Optical Dissolved Oxygen (ODO), Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), Radiometer (rad), Turbidity (Tu), Fluorescence (Fl), pH, Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Transmittance, Voltage

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The RBRmaestro³ multi-channel instrument supports up to ten sensors on a single platform. A diversity of sensor configurations allows it to be fine-tuned for a wide variety of applications. Variants with pressure, temperature, conductivity, radiometer, PAR, and turbidity sensors are also available in titanium housing, designed to endure harsh conditions.

Available for both autonomous deployment and water column profiling, the RBRmaestro³ supports data and power connections for remote access. All calibration coefficients are stored in the instrument, and re-calibration by the end-user is possible for several sensors.

Optional mooring clamps and cages are available. Rugged transit cases are recommended.