RBRcoda ODO | Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The RBRcoda ODO is designed from the ground up to provide exceptional stability while reducing the power consumption typically seen in optodes. It consumes only 36mJ/sample, permitting massive increases in deployment autonomy. The standalone sensor has serial and analogue outputs, while the OEM variant is designed for flush-mounting in custom pressure vessels (gliders/ARGO floats/etc).

  • Power consumption an order of magnitude less than other optodes
  • Optical sensor provides long term stability
  • Accurate temperature channel compensates foil and also provides independent temperature output
Range 0-500μM (saturation 0 – 150%)
Resolution <1μM (saturation 0.4%)
Initial accuracy Maximum of ±8μM or ±5%
Time constant ~8s
Sampling rates 1Hz or slower
Range -5°C to 35°C
Accuracy ±0.002°C
Resolution <0.00005°C
Connector MCBH-6MP
Depth rating 6000m (titanium)
Size 116mm x ∅28mm
Weight in air ~170g (titanium)
Supply voltage 7 – 15V (12V nominal)
Sampling current 10mA for 300ms (36mJ/sample)
Quiescent current <10μA
Analog 0 – 5V